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Personal Trainer Scott Laidler Website
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What was the problem?

Scott Laidler is a health podcaster and Health&Fitness columnist in @TelegraphMen, personal trainer of various stars of the UK film industry. Scott needed his website to give the idea of a comprehensive approach that he uses in his online personal training programs. The website should also be focused on the demonstration of professionalism; the trust building; the support of his well-recognizable brand.

Our roles
The Chalenge
What did we do?

It was a pleasure to work with Scott’s, as he had already built his personal brand and had done it perfectly. So the only thing we had to do was to find the right way to demonstrate it. So we created a bright and weightless design, that uses lots of sports-related elements, blocks’ dynamic composition and confident solid colors. The central role in the design is taken by Scott’s photos, that personalizes the website and differs it from many others. 

Main Concept
Optimizing the experience